Pack Co Lab.

Maximum competence, flexibility, hi-tech approach in the continuous search for the solution
more sustainable to any problem related to food contact materials to achieve customer satisfaction.

Screening analysis (HS-GC-MS; GC-MS)
Screening analysis (HS-GC-MS; GC-MS)

The high competence allows the Pack Co. laboratory to detect and identify a very high number of substances, quantify their concentration, calculate any specific migration, estimate the risk for the consumer and the suitability of the intended use.

NIAS research
NIAS research

Contaminants present in materials intended for contact with food have been the main causes of risk in recent years. The experience in the use of appropriate analytical techniques has allowed us to support companies in the selection of raw materials and in the production of safe objects.

Global migration studies
Global migration studies

The Pack Co. laboratory is able to carry out global migration tests for those materials where the legislation provides for these controls:
– Plastics (Reg. (EU) No 10/2011 and later add. and mod. on the basis of technical standards UNI EN 1186);
– Rubber and elastomers (DM 21.03.73 2011 and later add. and mod.);
– Silicones (DM 21.03.73 2011 and later add. and mod.)
– Stainless Steel (DM 21.03.73 2011 and later add. and mod.)
– Glass (DM 21.03.73 2011 and later add. and mod.)

Specific migration analysis
Specific migration analysis

The specific migration tests are carried out employing the most appropriate analytical techniques:
– Tenax desorption techniques;
– GC-MS (extraction, surface washing, set-off, liquid-liquid extraction);
– LC-MS;
– ICP;
– Etc.
To limit the cost of analytical plans, specific migration control is used only in cases where screening approaches are not enough to establish compliance.

Sensory analysis
Sensory analysis

The Pack Co. laboratory provides a panel of tasters selected and trained to manage the suitability aspects of the materials in accordance with Reg. (EC) N. 1935/2004 (art.3 paragraph 1c ) operating with the main standards in use in the field:
– UNI 10192;
– UNI EN 1230-1 and UNI EN 1230-2;
– DIN 10955;
– Robinson test;
– other ISO standards.

Compositional analysis of materials
Compositional analysis of materials

– Identification of organic materials by FTIR;
– Identification of global migration residues by FTIR and GC-MS

Permeability and Hermeticity
Permeability and Hermeticity

The performance of packaging material is also verified through the study of diffusion phenomena:
– Hermetic seal with tracer gas;
– Oxygen barrier;
– Barrier to carbon dioxide and other gases;
– Barrier to water vapor
according to ASTM and ISO standards.